How To Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat With A Stethoscope. One of the most reassuring sounds a pregnant mother can hear is the steady thumping of her baby's heartbeat. Hello, I really need to hear from people who know for sure they are pregnant and have heard their baby's heartbeat with the back side (bell end) of a regular stethoscope. Dr. Barbie Doll Hear Baby's Heartbeat! is a 1993 Mattel production. Includes: a Barbie Doll that's approx. Using a fetal stethoscope you can hear a baby's heartbeat starting at approximately 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Hearing Heartbeat with Stethoscope?: I read that about 20 weeks you can start hearing the baby's heartbeat using a stethoscope.

Hear Baby Heartbeat Stethoscope

  • Obstetricians use a special Doppler instrument between the 10th and 20th weeks of pregnancy to listen to the fetal heartbeat.
  • According to the American Pregnancy Association, you can hear an unborn baby's heartbeat with a stethoscope around 17 to 20 weeks into pregnancy.
  • Can You Hear Baby’s Heartbeat with a Stethoscope? Listening to your baby’s heartbeat can be a very reassuring sound to a pregnant mother.
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  • Although a Doppler instrument is most frequently used, a fetoscope, a type of stethoscope, can be used after 20 weeks to hear a baby's heartbeat.

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