Charles Krauthammer isn’t blind, and the country is rather wheelchair accessible. While Charles Krauthammer may be bodily confined to a wheelchair, that does not mean his mind is handicapped. that I am doing so: Charles Krauthammer has made a name for himself as a blunt commentator. I couldn’t believe this when I read it, either. In 1972 Charles Krauthammer was in a diving accident, injuring his spinal cord and leaving him paralyzed from waist down. Charles Krauthammer uses a wheelchair because he was involved in a bad car accident during his first year of Harvard (back in 1972). Krauthammer writes a politics column that runs on Fridays.

Charles Krauthammer Wheelchair

  • Charles Krauthammer writes a weekly political column that runs on Fridays.
  • Charles Krauthammer is confined to a wheelchair due to a diving accident which occurred during his freshmen year at medical school.
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