Can you buy syringes in Colorado? ChaCha Answer: Yes, you can buy syringes in Colorado. They come in several capacities and even can come prefilled. You can buy insulin syringes that are specially engineered for safety. Buy syringes online and learn information about prices, dosages, side effects and results caused due to usage of syringes. You Can Buy Syringes Without a Prescription It is legal for pharmacies to sell, and adults age 18 and over to possess, 20 syringes without a prescription. does anyone know? i would say so, but i don't know. I found out today those are the only kind i can buy here without a script.

Can You Buy Syringes

  • If you know you only need half of a syringe to start, you can just buy a smaller volume to begin with.
  • Then if you need more you can come back and buy more.
  • Insulin Syringes Online – Shop for insulin needles and syringes online for less at AllegroMedical.
  • Do You Need a Prescription to Buy Diabetic Insulin Syringes?. Diabetics use syringes to self-administer daily insulin injections.
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